Trip to the Market

No matter what you're looking for, somebody at Sunbury will be selling it!



An enjoyable morning at the Market hunting for scintillating salvage....  



The market was a busy thriving antiques market, which was diverse, there were lots of creative items, refurbished, collectables, silver, industrial, retro, practically everything you could want! 


Striking Circus Signs!

Circus Signs with tigers, handpainted at Sunbury Market, Kempton.
Lions & Tigers! Circus Signs




 Great decorative piece for retail environment, restaurants, cafes, bars. 



Having a striking decorative piece will give your customers something to talk about and tell their friends about.

Finding great decorative salvage down at Sunbury

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This blog post was written by Leigh Farrer, The Salvage Seller

This blog was written by Leigh Farrer, expert salvage sourcer and seller!   Leigh scours the places others seldom go to, and discovers hidden gems to highlight your work, business, or home space, creating the feeling you want. 


If you want to discuss how Leigh can help you find the perfect piece for your business you can give her a call, email or contact through the facebook page.  

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