Salvaged Lighting

Making things you love work for your life now.

Eddison bulbs
salvaged iron pendants





 Salvaged iron pendants from a warehouse


with on trend bulbs create a mixed style


with the bright white modern kitchen.

salvage reclaimation
Creating an industrial style look with a modern twist



 Salvaging items often means saving them from


the skip, reclaiming materials can be cheaper


and still create a desired look.

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This blog post was written by Leigh Farrer, The Salvage Seller

This blog was written by Leigh Farrer, expert salvage sourcer and seller!   Leigh scours the places others seldom go to, and discovers hidden gems to highlight your work, business, or home space, creating the feeling you want. 


If you want to discuss how Leigh can help you find the perfect piece for your business you can give her a call, email or contact through the facebook page.  

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