Following our hearts to North Norfolk..

....a simpler, easier and less stressful way of life (we hope!)

Simple lifestyle
The Beach at Cley



 It took us four years to finally take the leap and move our family to Norfolk, we have only been here a month but I have already forgotten the life we have left behind.


It all seems a blur now of stressed mornings, school runs, work and housework!  When did we relax?  When did we enjoy our life?  It was only on the occasions when we spent time with family and friends or we were at the seaside that I can actually remember living not just existing.  Was this how our life was to be?  Forever?


It makes me feel sad just thinking about it, how happy we are now in this short space of time and sad for the fact that I don't miss our old life at all only our family and friends who I am sure will love it here just as much as we do.



Projects, salvage and reclaimed life


 We came to view our house not knowing the area at all and wondering if it was too rural?  As we drove along field after field after field, we turned a corner and in the distance I could see a humble white house next to a huge church and a little red phone box, it was picture perfect and immediately pulled at my heart.


I wanted to cry we still had work to do to our house and had to sell it, yet I didn't want to leave this place not even for a day.  To say I was a bit depressed on the drive home was an understatement in my head and heart I had already moved and the next few months were a major struggle.

Dogs, Puppies, Lifestyle, Outdoors
Bella and Hank


 But moving day came and went and I still can't believe we are here and we are lucky enough to call this our home, it is everything we dreamed and more..


We have lots to do and lots to learn, I can't wait to explore the county and all it has to offer as well as enjoying being at home and doing all of the projects we have in mind.


This is just the beginning....

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This blog post was written by Leigh Farrer, The Salvage Seller

This blog was written by Leigh Farrer, expert salvage sourcer and seller!   Leigh scours the places others seldom go to, and discovers hidden gems to highlight your work, business, or home space, creating the feeling you want. 


If you want to discuss how Leigh can help you find the perfect piece for your business you can give her a call, email or contact through the facebook page.  

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