Stody Lodge Gardens Family Fun Day

A great well organised fun day at Stody Lodge Gardens

Beautiful flowers for sale
The entrance to The Stody Lodge Garden Event



 The Stody Lodge Gardens Family Fun Day was very well organised and really easy to find, we followed the signs and drove through the Farm Estate past the well kept cottages and into the parking field.  There were beautiful flowers for sale as we walked towards the entrance.  Entry was £6 per adult and the children were free, well worth the money for such a lovely day out.

Hank, Black Lab, The Salvage Seller
Hank in the Best Looking Dog Competition




 We had just missed the cutest puppy class of the dog show when we arrived, so Bella went in for Best Looking Bitch and Hank got 3rd place for Best Looking Dog!


They both had a go at the agility course too, they did well considering it was the first time they had seen anything like it.  The boys took them round it and they had great fun.

Gardens, Walk, Estate, Flowers
A Walk around the Estate






We had a walk round the Estate and down to the Goat Show, the boys loved seeing the kids.  There was also a stall selling creams and other products produced from goats.

Food, Drinks, Lemons
Freshly Squeezed Lemons




The boys loved the freshly squeezed lemon stall, and it was nice to see a family from school supporting the event with their business The Briston Herd of Aberdeen Angus.  They were doing the BBQ (very tasty) and had also brought along some of their herd for the children to see.  I wanted to explore the water gardens and enjoy a cup of tea with a slice of cake but the reality of having three children and two pups ruled that out as Bella had pinched one of the boys hot dogs causing a major meltdown! 

Hank, Bella, Dogs, Flowers, Tea, Chocolate
Finally got my cuppa!





 So it was time to head home the dogs were zonked, the boys put a film on and I finally got my cup of tea!

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