About The Salvage Seller

Leigh founded The Salvage Seller to help inspire others to use salvaged & reclaimed pieces.


Leigh wants to find items and pieces of furniture that have a story behind them, that have travelled, been loved, shared memories.  Leigh is a very honest individual and she finds helping people extremely rewarding, she is pleasant to deal with and is interested in why you are buying or looking for items, what will you do with them where will they go?  She loves to hear stories and help connect you with the perfect piece.  She believes you can create your own style while giving reclaimed furniture, lighting and objects a new home.......Get in touch if you would like any pieces sourced or commissioned..


I am based in Norfolk where I have my office, workshop and hold pop up events.  I am in the office everyday if you would like to book an appointment or come and view any stock please contact me.  


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Leigh Farrer, expert salvage sourcer and seller!   Leigh makes good working relationships with others to bring exciting pieces to the market place. 


If you want to discuss how Leigh can help you find the perfect piece for your business you can give her a call, email or contact through the facebook page.