Unique Christmas Gifts

Give a truly unique and personal gift, one of a kind unexpected gift ideas.  With home decor, lamps and natural soy candles available we can offer some alternative Christmas presents for you and your loved ones.  They can be delivered to you or directly to your recipient, with a label to say "not to be opened until the 25th" or words of your choice.  You are welcome to come and view our home interior items and candles at our workshop, we are located in the beautiful hamlet of Guestwick Norfolk.  Guestwick is located 4 miles from Reepham.  Fakenham, Holt Reepham and Aylesham are easy to get to with lots of things to do there to combine with a visit to us, it makes a lovely trip out.   The historic village of Haydon is closest to us and is famous for it's character charm, tea rooms, quaint pub and superb wood fired pizza!

Circle 21 candles

It is said that smell is the most powerful of the five senses, frequently evoking emotions and memories. That’s why at Circle 21 we rely on our personal experiences to inspire and shape the scent of each candle.


By carefully handpicking notes and blending each scent, our candles transport you to a favorite place or fondest memory.


Handcrafted in Texas, Circle 21 candles are mindfully designed and perfectly poured to create a high-quality, natural product to be enjoyed by all. So come away with us—explore familiar places, remember forgotten moments, and get lost in the scents that have shaped these favorite memories.


A range of different scents available to look at on our Circle 21 candles page.


Uk postage : £2.20

Circle 21 Candles.


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